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2015 Prayer Bulletin for 40 days fast, from Sept.22

19 September 2015 to 31 October 2015 | Country: Cameroon


Period: Tue. 22nd Sept. to Fri. 30th Oct 2015


Nature: Morning till 5pm daily


Theme: My Soul, Wait You Only upon God for My Expectation is from Him, NKJV (Ps 62v5)




From Sept. 22



From Oct. 2nd



From Oct. 11

All LOLEs+Coords


From Oct. 25

All AFCs


- AFC means Ambassador for Christ

- An AFC can still fast in the category of 30days; a LOLE takes 40days, and God will bless you

- AFCs on medication, nursing mothers and any person having difficulties to fast should contact his/her pastor or president for advice. Please, if you love this Ministry, participate in the fast; even if you will take water or juice.


Week 1: Tue. 22nd – Sun. 27th Sept

Confession of Sin & Thanksgiving

a) Confession of sin

Confess sin in thoughts, words, actions, reactions, negligence, presumption manifesting in the lives of ambassadors, leaders and the ministry entirely. pray: Ps 19v12-13, Jer 48v10-11, Ps 65v3

b) Thanksgiving

Since 2003, the Ministry has undergone and is undergoing 3 waves which are:


1st wave, 2003-2008: a season of pressure and pain in the Ministry, corresponding to Eze. 43v3; 11v22-23 in Israel.


2nd Wave, 2008-2013: a season of evidence of the call for RECONCILIATION manifesting via signs and wonders, corresponding to Eze. 43v3; 1v1-28

3rd wave, 2013-2018:the Ministry is 2 years into this wave. Season of great accomplishments and attractive anointing upon the REMI.

-Thank God for His faithfulness and sustenance during these “waves”

-Take each wave and thank God accordingly all through

AFCs have had testimonies of godly marriages, good jobs, safe deliveries, acquisition of cars, landed property, houses etc. Thank God for these

Week 2: Mon. 28th Sept – Sun. 4th Oct

REMI Vision and Visionary

a) REMI vision

Read 2 Cor 6 v 18-20 and pray thus

-By the reason of the work of Calvary, let vertical reconciliation, i.e between God and man be a reality in our lives and those of our family members. Oh God by virtue of this I pray and crush every power causing confusion, misunderstanding in AFCs’ lives, families, the church, schools, other institutions etc

-Proclaim love that covers a multitude of sins among AFCs, peace, reconciliation with life and with physical features

- Let REMI vision remain undiluted from what was given from God. Read Isa 19v12-13 and pray further


b) The visionary (Papa and Mama Numbe)

-Thank God for sustaining them in all life’s challenges and availability to respond to the call for RECONCILIATION.

-Ask God to clothe them with humility and contentment as they serve (read Isa 57v15, John 13v14-15)

-Pray for a fresh Word, focus, and honour from God for every season of their lives for their family and the ministry (read Isa 50v4 John 12v26)

-Pray- “O God may the end time wind not carry them away, keep them in what You have called them to do”- Read Prov 4v25-27

-As they serve You O God them indeed (read and pray)

-Let their children imitate them as they follow Christ- read 1 Cor 11v1, Prov.22v28

Week 3: Mon. 5th Oct – Sun. 11th Oct

5 Year Strategic Plan

a. Outreach

To disciple 10.000 AFCs by 2018 via the website, Facebook, and other communication media; the ministry’s publications e.g books, tracts, CDs, VCD etc


-Father put a sense of urgency for soul winning and discipleship in the heart of all AFCs Prov 11v30

- Let there be a great yield after every evangelistic/ missionary trip undertaken by any AFC Oh God

-Pray for AFCs that have taken the challenge to be involved in serious evangelism and missions e.g Rev Georges/ Eminete Mekoh. Ask God for direction, wisdom favor, provision as they serve in the Wonjia land and other areas.

-Come against every form of attack on the REMI website

-Pray for a great impact of all publications on the people


b. New Fellowships

To plant at least a REMI fellowship in all Regions of Cameroon.


-O God open a door of Ministry and utterance for REMI nationally (Read Eph. 6v19)

- Give the NALE new strategies on how to coordinate this, Lord

- O God grace existing fellowships with the spirit of the early church (read Acts 2v42-47 and pray)

- God raise committed leaders in every region of Cameroon who will be able to take care of these fellowships


c. Leadership

To motivate all strata of leaders, them to growing fellowships, reinforce inspection, release and follow up missionaries, coordinate inter-personal relationships

- Thank God for the leadership structure, COLE, NALE, LOLE etc

- Read Titus 1v6-9 and pray each quality into every leader

- Pray for cooperation, unity and love in all the leaders

- Read Ps 25v21 and pray for the leaders


d. Finances

-Pray and key each member of REMI into a new financial stamina and super abundance

-Break the yoke of financial hardship, lack and struggle upon the ministry

-Connect each AFC to the Abrahamic grace and covenant (read Deut 8v18, Gen 13v2 and pray)

-Ask God to enable every AFC to be a good financial steward (read 1 Cor 4v2)


e. Assets

The following have been envisaged:

-Construction of a mission centre

-Acquisition of a power and complete sound system, an audiovisual system also

-Creating a Christian bookshop to distribute the ministry’s publication and other material

-Registering WOFEL as CIG or Cooperative in order to run projects and sponsor the Gospel

-Completion of the construction of the REMI fellowship centre in Bakweri Town

-Thank God for these insights and projects

-Ask God for open doors for the realization of these projects

-Ask God for material, human, financial, socio-economic resources for the realization of these projects

Week 4: Mon. 12th - Sun 18th Oct.

Other Aspects of the Strategic Plan

1-TASOM: Organise courses into formal training, write courses for Level 3-6, teach church administration to pastors of different churches


2-WOFEL: Register CIG, self-reproduce female ministers, win and execute socio-economic projects, prepare the ground for couples’ seminar


3-NONA: operate Christian literature sales point, relay info, interview stake holders and publish testimonies and reports


4-AFC: Beautify Wondjia retreat centre, assist LOLEs in designing needs (venues, personalized cards to members)


5-GMF/CMD: Register GMF at the Presidency, plant GMF in other countries, Achieve a national unity, register CMD as NGO, map out Buea.

Pray point by point for the plan concerning each division as you use Ps 21v2

Week 5: Mon. 19th Oct. – Sun. 25th Oct:

Glorious Conference 2015

Date: Mon 9th- Sat 14th Nov 2015

Time: 3:30 - 6:30 pm daily

Theme: LET THEM GO (Acts 5v38)

Venue: REMI Bakweri Town


-Pray and thank God for the vision of the glorious conference, past conferences and effects upon the people.

-Pray for maximum cooperation amongst the committees, God presence, good sound, lighting system and finances. Read Isa 41v6-7 Jer 5v14.

-Ask the Holy Spirit to remind all who pledged to redeem their pledges and much more

Week 6: Mon 26th Oct - Fri 30th Oct

Consolidating the fast and

reclaiming answers to prayer points offered

1. Isa 30v19-Because we dwell in Zion, we shall weep no more

2. Isa 65v24

-I proclaim that before we started praying, God answered us and while we were yet speaking He heard us

-I therefore claim answers to every prayer point we have tabled before God

3. Jer 29v12-14

-oh God Our captivity is turned away for we have sought the Lord

4. Jer 33v3

-Because we have called on God, we receive answers to all our prayer points (name them)

-We have an understanding of what we had not known before Secrets are revealed to us

5. Isa 58v9Zech 13v97. Job 22v27-28

-We have called, answer our call, hear our cry Lord and come to our rescue. Oh light shine upon REMI Worldwide.


Prepared by Pas. TATOH Adeline, Prayer Coordinator

Edited by Rev. Mama NUMBE Alida

Infoline: 67741.9148 / 67934.0295 / 67710.5885 / 69686.2221

President / Founder



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