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11 November 2013 to 17 February 2014 | Country: Cameroon



Placed under the theme, “Your Season of Royalty (1 Pet.2:9)”, Glorious Conference this year, organized by Reconciliation Ministry (REMI) Worldwide, went beyond the usual annual event to include 10th Anniversary Celebration, Ordination/Licensing of 25 AFCs, Dedication of REMI Retreat Centre and Rev. TATOH Kenneth’s book, Laying of Foundation Stone for a Fellowship Centre, and graduation of 17 AFCs from TASOM.


In the overall, about 450 AFCs, friends, relatives, pastors and crowds (with an average of 150 daily attendance) took part in the conference held at REMI Fellowship Centre, Molyko-Buea, on 11-15 Nov. 2013, and at REMI Retreat centre, Wonjia Village, on Sat. 16 Nov. To share the Anniversary cake, i.e. the Word of God to the people upon special consideration of 10years in ministry, there were 13 speakers (also the Chief of Wonjia Village) ; namely, Rev. TATOH Kenneth, Papa EWOME Paul, Apt. Samuelson NJUMBE, Rev. KUBUH Stephen, Pas. TAKUNKEM Pirro, Rev. FOCHIVE Mariama, Rev. MBULLI Roland, Pas. KATALA Stephane, Pas. MALLAM Adisa (Nigeria), Rev. OBAKER Philippe, Rev. NYAMYA Virginia and Rev. John/Alida NUMBE (host). Large paintings brought by Pas. Felix AMBE right from Ndu in NWR, added a beautiful gallery to the conference décor. Journalists from RGR(Buea) and Eden Newspaper(Limbe) came on ground to interview the President/Founder of REMI, Rev. John NUMBE, about the grand event.


While Papa John released final conference benediction on Fri., the anointing of praise swept the people for about 1hr. He said in his 21 yrs in Christ he has never seen that kind of happy and demonstrative praise. 30 sitter buses went 4 rounds to bring back people from REMI Retreat Centre Wonjia on Sat.16; not counting villagers on ground and private means. There, 9 ministers of God (1female inclusive, 1male absent) were ordained, 16 licensed to preach the Gospel, 17 graduated from TASOM, etc. Special anniversary marks included magazines, stickers, FAQs books, Anniversary Song, Anniversary Cake and Anniversary Tribute Register. More than 30 pastors attending the programme wrote down tributes for REMI; several others dropped words of encouragement on Facebook, email, SMS and calls. To all of them we say, “thank you and may the God Royalty make you fruitful!”


Running from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. daily, some conference testimonies/miracles included: the repair of camera lenses that were bad for 6mths; the prophecy from somebody slain in the power of the Spirit urging pastors to go at once, pray and protect the retreat centre in Wonjia; the demonstrative praise in the African Night; countless healings/deliverances. For certain details, please read below:


Day 1:

After an insightful message on what “Glorious Conference” is all about by the Vision-bearer, Rev. John NUMBE, he kept the tradition of the conference opening speaker by introducing Rev. TATOH Kenneth (REMI Administrator based in Douala). In his message, “TAKE YOUR GOD OUT OF THAT BOX”, about 10 people surrendered to Christ, a particular girl received deliverance, amidst several manifestations.



The 1st message came from Rev. NUMBE Alida. Rain drops didn’t prevent attendance, as Rev. Roland MBULLI, pastor of REMI Bakweri Town, featured for the 1st time as speaker. His message entitled, “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I’M GOD”, was a great relief to the discouraged person. The move of God was incredible. Evang. Mallam ADISA from Ibadan-Nigeria, landed that day through Douala airport.


Day 3:

A children dance group from REMI Bomaka did a wonderful presentation. After a brief message by Pas. Mallam ADISA entitled, “FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE”, Pas. TAKUNKEM Pirro, The National President of REMI Cameroon, in his usual charismatic type conducted many deliverance cases and made prophetic declarations even before preaching. The title of his message was “WHEN THE WIND BLOWS”. A prophecy from a participant slain in the Spirit urged pastors to go and pray in the centre in Wonjia next day. Among the guests of the day was Rev. KUBUH & wife.


Day 4:

There was blackout until 7:30 p.m. that Rev. John resorted to prophetic prayer after 2 standby generators failed. Yet, participation was explosive. Rev. George went to pick up Rev. FOCHIVE from her hotel room to conference ground and reported that she stayed on her knees praying for light until she didn’t even notice the return. That night, a dance group from REMI Molyko led by Amb. Seraphine danced and thrilled the crowd. Rev. John led in the dedication of the book of TATOH Kenneth entitled, “Ownership & Stewardship in Christendom”. It was hysteric as veteran writers like TEM Martin described the quality of Kenneth’s 1st book as ‘being born with teeth’. Thereafter, Pas. KATALA Stephane, the Congolese, mounted the platform with the message, “THE VOICE OF DESTINY”. A guest choir, SOSEM Choir was on roll.

Day 5:

Unlike Tuesday to Thursday that there was a prayer session mostly led by Rev. George MEKOH from 9-11 a.m., Friday morning Rev. John, accompanied by his guests, went to Bakweri-Town and laid the foundation stone for a (12x6)m construction to serve as REMI Fellowship Centre. Fri. evening beat the record of African Nights, as AFCs turned out in newly stitched apparels representing their cultures of origin. Lifting up A4 size banners on which you could read: “Bamedjou for Jesus”, “Bakweri for Jesus”, etc., they followed Rev. John prophetic declarations to dethrone ancestral worships, juju practice, tribalism… and enthrone Jesus, love, prosperity… in these tribes. Rev. FOCHIVE Mariama followed suit to raise a prophetic prayer for the whole Cameroon, using the symbols of the nation (e.g. the flag). Thereafter, Evang. Mallam ADISA in his message entitled, “WORK IN HIS VINEYARD” challenged Cameroonians in the South to preach to those in the North. People ran out to the altar weeping for God’s grace to go on missions. Pas. Felix AMBE did a smart presentation of the vision of Arts For Christ, division of REMI which he heads, the boards in the gallery and the place of art in evangelization.

Note: Coordination was ensured by Pas. Miriam ENANGA, Sis. CHUBUIN Florence, Rev. MUMA Philip, Pas. Felix AMBE and Rev. Georges MEKOH, respectively. Interpretation was handled by Rev. NTSINDA Constantin; while the Ambassadors’ Choir, led by Amb. Sarah APANAKA, did just the expected in singing for the Lord.

Day 6:

All roads led to Wonjia Village, after Muea, as about 300 AFCs, friends, relatives, pastors and villagers converged in the virgin ground for multiple spiritual assignments. Running from 11a.m. to 3p.m. and coordinated by Tem Martin, Highlights included:

- The graduation of 17 students from The Ambassadors’ School Of Ministry (TASOM) by the Coordinator, Rev. Mrs. NUMBE Alida.

- The dedication of the retreat centre by Papa EWOME Paul. It turned prophetic as he anointed Apt. Samuelson and others.

- Speech by the Visionaire, REV. John NUMBE, who read Gal. 2:9 to request for “the right hand of fellowship” from his fathers in the Lord, to enable REMI increase speed reconciling the lost to Christ and in creating GMFs in other cities. Other speeches were made by GMF Coordinator and the Chief of Wonjia.

- There was a wonderful presentation of REMI Anniversary Song taught by Pas. TATOH Adeline.

- The message of the day, deliverd by Rev. KUBUH Stephen, was in essence a prophecy of a hundredfold blessing upon REMI Worldwide.

- Thereafter, Rev. NUMBE read from Acts 20:27-32 and ordained 8 ministers of the Gospel; namely TATOH Kenneth NDI, MBULLI Roland, KAAH Joel, MUMA Philip, TANGWE John/Sirri, MEKOH Georges and NTSINDA Constantin. TEWOM Chrysantus, missionary to Nigeria, was absent. 16 more ministers were licensed to preach. The Secretary Gen. of MEVIPAC, the legalized church REMI is affiliated to, charged the ministers.

- Prayer for the Ministry to advance in the call was led by Apt. Samuelson NJUMBE. Dr. Mrs Cecilia KANGE unveiled the Anniversary symbol - a special carving. Whereas Rev. John/Alida NUMBE returned on stage to cut the Anniversary cake, which sis. Frida specially decorated with the colours of Cameroon.

- Photographs and refreshment crowned the day.

To God be the glory!

Karen BATEKI, Coordinator of Network of Networh Ambassadors (NONA)

The communication and public relations division of REMI

President / Founder



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