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City mapping for development

City Mapping for Development (CMD) is an NGO with the goal of promoting social development in Cameroon and caring for the vulnerable groups. Photos. Video. Reports. Events.

We believe that the people of every nation constitute the main source of the resources needed for a sustainable development. Every land has at least 70% of what it takes to give its people a good living condition. Thus, the solutions to social problems such as poor town planning, social insecurity, job unemployment, street children and HIV/ AIDS ravages lie in the hands of the concerned first. The Government only re-enforces personal initiatives and efforts. 

Our motto is: I love Cameroon; God bless Cameroon!

A map for the university students’ environment in Buea!

To answer to the problem of poor town planning and social insecurity, CMD has produced the Map of Molyko-Buea, showing more than 400 student hostels in the neighbourhood of the University of Buea. This was launched in Alliance Franco-Camerounaise of Buea, under the patronage of the Governor of SWR (represented) on 22 Jan. 2009. Are you a researcher, a student, a business person, a security agency, a government institution or a touristic centre interested in statistics about student hostels (also called mini-cités) in Molyko-Buea; their geographic locations and accessibilities; then this map is what you need!

To obtain a copy contact us at:

City Mapping for Development (CMD)
P. O. Box 598 Buea, CAMEROON
Tel: +237 7741.9148
Our office is REMI Counseling Office, situated behind Police Post, Molyko – Buea.

Main Partner:

Alliance Franco-Camerounaise de Buéa
B. P. 302 Buéa
TĂ©l: +237 3332.2564

Other achievements:

-    The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Vincent Titanji, granted an audience to John NUMBE to congratulate him for producing a Map that will serve the University’s interest. Photos. Video 

-    In September 2006, the Director of CMD, John Numbe Nwafor, was invited by His Excellency, the Governor of South West Province to a meeting with the landlords of student hostels in Buea. Click Here to read the interview he granted to The Post newspaper.

-    The outcome of the above-mentioned meeting was the setting up of a commission that was to censor various hostels and gather information on the rents’ situation, electricity and water bills payments, rooms’ dimensions, proximity to the university campus and contacts of landlords and extra facilities such as internal kitchen/wardrobe, security fence and refuse disposal pit. Then, classify all the hostels into categories A, B, C and D; with respective rents tags; in order to facilitate government action. CMD was the lone private organization appointed member of what was called, “the Commission for the Standardisation of the Rents of the University Students’ Hostels”. Headed by the Divisional Officer of Buea; assisted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea and the Mayor of Buea Council; among others like the Delegate of Urban Development, of Town Planning, the Commissioners of police, landlords’ representatives and university students’ representatives. This commission submitted a report of an intensive and comprehensive work thanks to the expertise of the technicians of CMD.

-    In October 2006, John Numbe Nwafor and Forba Cletus (the cartographer) granted a press interview to the National Television (CRTV) in Buea.

-    In January 2007, the Director of CMD, John Numbe Nwafor, was invited by the French Corporation to present and defend the project of mapping the city of Buea. Chaired by the Cultural Adviser from France Embassy in Cameroon, the summit dubbed “REUNION RESEAU” held in Centre Culturel Français in Yaounde, with about fifty national and international prominent figures that partner with French Corporation. Photos.

City mapping for development



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