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1.    I suffered until I met to Jesus
(by Sub-Lieutenant Daouda)
I am married to a loving wife and a father of four. Having worked in Cameroon army for 15 years as a medical personnel (until the position of adjudant in the army), I had never known good health. I spent all my money to treat myself. I borrowed a sum that will require my salary for a year to pay back. As a devoted Muslim I had always hated Christians; not until I attended a retreat with REMI in Bamenda. There I surrendered my life to Jesus and now my life is changed ... Thank You Jesus!

2.    I dreamt big and found grace in a small ministry
(by NDILLE Celestin, USA)
Nine years after I left Cameroon for USA, all I really benefitted was just advancement in education. I cried to God that I can’t remain poor and He directed me to give the last money I had, US$200, in Reconciliation Ministry back in Cameroon. The leader, Pas. John NUMBE, didn’t even know me. Behold as soon as I released that seed, God blessed me with a business worth US $100 million.

3.    It came to me on my stubbornness
(by the mother of Philip who was insane)
My son became insane when he passed to upper sixth. After a year's struggle from one witchdoctor to another I took him to REMI in Buea. He was prayed for and miraculously healed. I became so skeptical about the power of  pastor John that I stopped his contacts with my son on claims that he was a false prophet ... Turning back to protect my son my own way, those demons came back into him!

I became so bitter with Pas. John, that I threw him into jail with the help of my husband who is a military man. But his God unimaginably caused the gendarmes to release him just 30 minutes later.
For three painful years of struggle with my son from one crusade to another, some men of God advised me to go for reconciliation because I ill-treated a man of God. The more I resisted, the more demons tortured my son. He was always bound in chains; escaping the house to the streets; fighting and wounding himself.
In April 2006, I finally went to Pas. John’s house and cried for forgiveness. The man of God told me at that same instant God was healing my son. Upon my arrival home he was restored to his normal senses; till date. He wrote GCE A/L in Maths and Further Maths one year later and made it with “A” grades. What a Friend we have in Jesus!

4.    Aircraft company flew 12 of us from Argentina for free
(by EKOKOBE Roland)
It is my business to take football players out of Cameroon to distribute tem to clubs. This time we went out 13 to Argentina but none was selected. (Except one that Pas. John prophesied breakthrough in finding a club upon his life before we left Cameroon). We had no money for food; talk less of hotel accommodation and flight tickets. The Consul General of Cameroon offered to pay us back using credit card, but the aircraft management refused. In that desperation, I called my mentor Papa John on phone. He told me, “Hold your guys by the hand and walk up into the plane”. While I tried to reason that statement, I just heard the management calling out for me to bring our passports and collect the tickets.

5.    It’s not just a Map, it’s a gift
(by Pas. John NUMBE)
When I enrolled for undergraduate studies in the University of Buea (UB), I was depressed because of constant armed robbery perpetrated in student hostels. I decided to make a map to assist police in tracing places where there is danger quickly. In two years I manually drew the Map of Molyko-Buea, which was rather used by UB more.
Six years later, that is 22 Jan. 2009, I launched the conventional Map in Alliance Franco-Camerounaise, Buea, under the patronage of the Governor of SWR, represented. The following month, I gathered over 25 ministers of God for distribution, while members of REMI Buea were gathered to pray that the meeting for the Map will bring reconciliation amongst pastors. God heard our cry and a strong network called Gospel Ministers’ Forum (GMF) came to be. Today, I’m a lecturer of ICM courses in Pan African Institute for Development, Buea, thanks to the social status I gained by producing the Map of Molyko-Buea. As common as it was to everybody, it turned out to be a gift to deliver God’s people.

6.    After all hope was lost, God cancelled government decision for repatriation
Since I traveled to England I had suffered from a series of problems. This time around they handed to me a repatriation letter to Cameroon. While I was bound and kept in jail for two weeks pending repatriation formalities, my mom tabled the problem to Pas. John NUMBE and they were praying for me. On the day of my journey, I was taken right into the plane. There and then, a new decision was read canceling the flight .... Praise the Lord!

7.    I left hospital bed for healing from ectopic pregnancy by prayer
(by Loveline Lemea)
I had been in the hospital for one week in severe pains. The doctor booked me for operation from ectopic pregnancy on Wednesday. But, my husband took me that morning to REMI Counseling Office for prayer. Pas. John told me, “Go back to the hospital; take your things and go home!” That I did; the pains left me and I’m very energetic. To God be the Glory!  

8.    I never could imagine it could be cancer
For a long time I had been suffering from a terrible pain in my breast that often stopped me from working. On the day that I visited REMI in Buea, during prayers the man of God had a revelation about my situation and cursed the spirit of cancer to wither from my life. And now, I am healed...God is Jehovah Rapha.

9.     Thieves regretted their coming to steal from my house
(by ACHOUO Sylvia) 
In order to concentrate on the seminar the REMI organised in Buea, I decided to leave my house in Bomaka to stay in Molyko. In my absence, thieves broke my door in an attempt to sweep away my belongings. They even came with a vehicle. In fulfillment of His promise to protect me, God caused the engine to fail. They spent the whole night struggling with it. It was at day break that the Holy Ghost released them and they fled for their lives. God is our security, never sleeping nor slumbering.

10.    Obedience to God's voice brought answer to my cry
I never knew prophecy is real but my obedience that day made it forever real. I walked into the Fellowship Centre of REMI-Buea one day, and saw some people praying. I never knew them, but the Spirit directed me to join them. At the end of it, the Spirit again led me to invite Pas. John (whom I've not known before) to a restaurant for a lunch. As we were eating, he spoke out my life and worries about the critical sick condition of my mother. Everything he prophesied to happen came true promptly as though somebody just switched on light in a dark room.

11.    I too can spend my nights sleeping
From my early childhood, I had never actually experienced sleeping at night as every other person does. I never could understand why this was happening to me; not until I attended the seminar in Buea and I was delivered from the kingdom of darkness. I now experience what it means to sleep in His everlasting arms....

Find more testimonies below to raise build up your faith

1)    April 2003: Gospel crusade on the theme, "THE gODS ARE DEAD"; held in Buea-Town Old Park. The Lord touched lives, such that a notorious witch came out with a bucket of concoctions to pour on Pas. John on the stage ministering. She cried out that the Ambassadors should leave the land so that she may have “peace”.
2)    July 2004: 1 month prayer/ fasting retreat in Bafoussam. God released a strong anointing to subdue the traditions and idols of the Bamilékés. God also opened doors to train Christians using TASOM courses and about 100 attended. A comprehensive study on the hindrances to the Gospel in all the divisions of West Province is documented. This programme gave Pas. John a revelation for a yearly all-night dubbed, “Prophetic Night”.
3)    April 2006: an upper-sixth student of Bilingual Grammar School, Molyko-Buea, got total freedom from madness. The parents actually brought him for deliverance three year earlier. But, after God miraculously healed him, they restricted him from Pas. John with allegations that “Pas. John must have been at the origin of the problem.” They could not understand how their son who roomed the streets to different cities; had no change of condition after visiting famous witchdoctors could just be healed like that. The insanity evidently came back and Pas. John declined taking any further prayer for the boy. The father being an army, connived with Brigade of Gendarmerie to lock-up the man of God. To their greatest dismay, Pas. John was supernatural released same day without bail. Finally, the mother of the boy bumped into Pas. John’s house this fateful day crying for forgiveness and reconciliation. As that went on, the 22 year old young man who had been kept in chains all that while got all his senses restored. As a proof, he sat in for GCE A/L in Maths and Further Maths and score “A” in both subjects. 
4)    Sept. 2006: John Numbe was invited by the Governor of the South West Province to attend a meeting on mapping related issues in his Office. The map of Molyko (Buea) he came out with was highly recommended; and his NGO, City Mapping for Development (CMD), was elected part of the committee for the Standardization of the Rents of University Students’ Hostels; and the Divisional Officer (DO) the Chairman.
5)    Jan. 2007: John Numbe was invited by French Corporation in Cameroon to an international partners’ session in Yaounde to defend the project of City Mapping for Development. Chaired by the Cultural Adviser from the Embassy, God expanded his horizon of missions through contacts with world figures.
6)    02 April 2008: Pas John Numbe was invited by the Mayor of Buea Council to officiate over “the Prayer Day of the Municipality”. Over 50 persons were in attendance; top executives inclusive. Many prayed to be reconciled to Jesus Christ; others for healing, and God blessed all.
7)    09-10 May 2008: Pas. John NUMBE ministers in Ashong-Batibo, NWR. Many souls got saved (a palace queen inclusive); fruitless farms of coffee began producing. Doors got open for Pas. Chrys who invited Pas. John to his village to travel out of the country.
8)    24-26 July 2008: Pas. John NUMBE preached in a miracle crusade in Kwakwa-Kumba, SWR, attended by about 700 hundred participants. A small village infested by epileptic spirit experienced the power of God for healing.
9)    15 Nov. 2008: Pas. John NUMBE launched a bestseller book titled, “Take back your Gilead”. Though his first book, 100 copies were sold within 3 months to clergymen, civil servants and top executives.
10)    20 Nov. 2008: A pregnant woman named Faith is told Pas. John’s name and physical characteristics by an angel of God in a dream. As she saw him past by their house, she recognized me and told her husband. As I pray with them, God touched them powerfully.
11)    22 Jan. 2009: The Map of Molyko-Buea, showing over 400 student hostels, produced by John NUMBE under the framework of City Mapping for Development, is launched in Alliance Franco-Camerounaise, Buea, under the patronage of His Excellency, Governor of SWR.
12)    14 Feb. 2009: Over 25 ministers of God, from both the evangelical and the Pentecostal circles responded to Pas. John NUMBE’s invitation at Larkhall restaurant, Molyko-Buea, for free distribution of the Map of Molyko. This sitting marked the beginning of a strong network for ministers in Buea, which Pas. John later called Gospel Ministers’ Forum (GMF).
13)    16 Feb. 2009: The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea (UB) receives John NUMBE in a videotaped audience to congratulate him for the realization of the Map of Molyko-Buea. Likewise the Divisional Officer of Buea Sub-division and the Delegate of Urban Development.
14)    18 April 2009: The presentation of “Gospel Ministers’ Forum (GMF)” as the name of the active network of pastors, and the objectives in writing by the vision bearer, Pas. John NUMBE, stirred up a sharp argument. However, the grace of Reconciliation prevailed and the majority present adopted the vision’s structure. Today, GMF is overcoming the problems that destroyed previous networks; uniting the Church of God in Buea; and spearheading many national and global evangelistic events in Cameroon.
15)    09 May 2009: Pas. John NUMBE conducted a great family deliverance prayer in Ngusan-Batibo, NWR. Afterwards, a daughter of that family who had been traped in a church house in Germany for 1 year 6 months for lack of asylum got freedom. The younger sister, Queenter, who had struggled to no avail to travel from Cameroon to meet her fiancé in Germany was given a visa and traveled. They are now happily married.
16)    22 Sept. 2009: A former Governor of East Province in Cameroon, traveled right away from Bamenda to REMI Counseling Office in Buea, to meet Pas. John for prayers.
17)    21 April 2010: Pas. John prayed for a woman suffering from ectopic pregnancy and she was healed instantly. She left from the hospital without going through the operation earlier programmed.
18)    30 May 2010: Pas. John ministers moderated fund-raising for church sound system in Perfect Light Ministries, Mile 16, Buea. Two months after, the General Overseer, Rev. Mangengen Emmanuel testified how God has blessed them with many speakers, amplifiers in an awesome way.
19)    16 Aug. 2010: Trapped in Argentina for lack of finances to fly back to Cameroon, 12 football players received a miracle of free air tickets soon after their leader, Ekokobe Roland, reported the matter to Pas. John and was prayed for on phone.
20)    08 May 2011: Evang. NDILLE Celestin, in his message in World Freedom Ministries, Mutengene-Cameroon, where Pas. John and wife happened to be present, testified how sowing his last US $200 in REMI worldwide, from USA where he resides, opened him doors for a US $100 million business.



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